MAP is a peer review program managed by Museums Australia (Victoria) since 1993. It is funded by Creative Victoria and supported by a large number of Victorian museums, museum professionals and volunteers.

In July 2016, the 100th museum enrolled in MAP. To mark this incredible milestone, we've produced a short film to showcase and celebrate the achievements of the museums and galleries in MAP.

To become accredited, museums spend 2-3 years developing procedures, policies and practice to meet recognised museum standards. Training, advice and information is available to assist museums in meeting these standards.

The Museum Accreditation Program (MAP) is a holistic framework designed for museums to improve operations, build capacity and support community. MAP has two streams:

  • Museums with paid staff.
  • Museums run by volunteers and/or with just one paid staff member.

MAP is:

  • A Victoria-wide peer review program, supported by a museums and museum professionals.
  • Aligned with the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries.
  • Supported by a diverse range of cultural organisations including art galleries, house museums, volunteer-managed community museums, historical societies and state institutions.
  • The result of the Victorian museum community and government and other agencies working to preserve and promote our cultural heritage.
  • An initiative of the Victorian State Government through Creative Victoria.
  • A program of Museums Australia (Victoria) since 1993.
  • Staffed by two part-time Program Managers.

Being in the program means sector recognition for an organisation working towards and achieving best practice in museum governance, collection management and community engagement. Benefits for museums include:

  • Professionalisation of museums and the sector.
  • Stakeholder security and assurance of standards for donors, potential funders, government and the community.
  • Formalised support network.
  • Cross promotion for organisations in the program.
  • Keeps organisations up to date with policy development, legal requirements and museum practice.

The MAP Program offers:

  • A tailored program for volunteer stream, or paid stream museums, including report templates from Enrolment to Accreditation and Reaccreditation.
  • MAP Templates for selected museum documents.
  • Model documents from Accredited museums.
  • Professional support, advice and training from Museums Australia (Victoria).
  • Benefits from a program that has been developed and refined over twenty years.