The first step of entering the Museum Accreditation Program is to complete an Expression of Interest form. This is supplied by the MAP Managers after an initial discussion with Museum representatives.  There is currently a waiting list for joining the program.  If you are interested in hearing more, please email  

We look for organisations with the capacity and commitment to meet museum standards. There is a high demand for places in MAP and not all Expressions of Interest may be accepted. Priority is given to museums that are most ready to undertake the program.

This PDF lists features of museums ready to undertake the MAP program: pdf.jpg Map Ready?

An Information Session is held annually where we invite representatives of museums interested in enrolling in MAP the chance to:

  • Gain a clear overview of the MAP process.
  • Receive an update on current museum standards and practices.
  • Begin planning a realistic approach to accreditation.
  • Get to know others working towards the same goal.
  • Meet the MAP Managers and/or other MA (Vic) staff.

If you are located in a regional area, we are able to provide information
and to discuss any questions your organisation may have.

For more information contact the MAP Managers:

Caroline Deighton
Manager, Museum Accreditation Program (MAP)

Rosemary Hanscombe
Manager, Museum Accreditation Program (MAP)