MAP provides a set of standards based on:

  • Current museum practices.
  • The National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries.
  • Three priorities: museum management, collection care and community engagement.

Since 2008, the MAP questionnaires for the volunteer stream and the paid staff stream have been based on the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries.

If your museum is managed by volunteers or has up to one full-time worker, it will need to meet the requirements listed in the MAP Workbook to gain Accreditation. This document sets out the benchmarks considered most important and achievable for small museums in Victoria.

To gain Accreditation, larger museums need to meet the MAP Kit standards. The MAP Kit outlines these requirements.

Both the MAP Workbook and MAP Kits are provided to organisations once accepted into the program.

An annual information session is held in March of each year. Expressions of Interest are invited from this process and if accepted, enrolment begins.