A museum working towards Accreditation can expect to:

  • Draw on training, support and advice through Museums Australia (Victoria).
  • Develop and improve procedures, policies and practices to meet MAP standard. Model documents are provided.

With support from the MAP Managers, a museum working towards Accreditation will be given between two and three years for self-assessment and preparation to:

  • Put together a formal, written application based on a provided questionnaire.
  • Receive an on-site assessment by a MAP Panel of industry experts.
  • Receive a formal MAP Assessment Report.
  • Address key recommendations from the Assessment Report.

Following an official offer of MAP Accreditation, museums:

  • Attend a formal presentation and are presented with a MAP Accreditation Certificate.
  • Receive a MAP package to help promote the Accredited status.
  • Make an ongoing commitment to maintain and improve standards at the museum.
  • Have a Re-Accreditation Assessment every five years.

MAP Templates and Guidelines