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August-October 2018 / Ethics

This issue is on the theme ‘Ethics’ and features articles that explores the ethical issues facing collection custodians and, in some cases, challenge historical attitudes and underlying prejudices.

Other items in this issue are a recap of the very successful Agents of Change national conference and an outline of the objectives of the AICCM’s Collection Environment Survey. There are our regular columns of Museum News, Apps & Online and Branch News that will bring you up-to-date with sector info.

Find a full list of the contents for the issue here.

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In this Issue

Photo of the main gate of Auschwitz I camp taken after the war. Photo: Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum.

Remains of the War

In this article Alexis Arrowsmith discusses how public attitudes to human remains from 100 years of 20th century conflict and our reactions to them have evolved and asks, if these remains are no longer viewed as objects and they can’t be exhibited and we aren’t learning from them, what happens to them next? Alexis Arrowsmith is currently A/Manager, Veterans Branch, Department of Premier and Cabinet, and holds qualifications in History, Sociology, Cultural Heritage and International Law.


What are the Ethics of Oral History?

Oral histories are a valuable medium for capturing lived experiences that will contribute to a custodian’s knowledge of their collection and their community’s history. In this article Sarah Rood and Lucy Bracey, from Way Back When–Consulting Historians, outline some of the ethical and practical considerations for recording an oral history.

Kaldor Public Art Project 22: Santiago Sierra, '7 forms measuring 600 x 60 x 60cm constructed to be held horizontal to a wall,' Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, 20 November-28 November 2010. Photo:Natasha Harth. Image courtesy Queensland Art Gallery.

Art, Ethics and Institutional Risk

If taking risks are part of an artists practice, how are collecting institutions to manage fallout in the court of public opinion and when ethical boundaries are crossed? In this article Associate Professor Kate MacNeill, Director, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences and Dr Barbara Bolt, Professor in Contemporary Arts and Culture, The University of Melbourne, take us through some examples and issues.





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