The Museum Accreditation Program (MAP) is a framework used by museums, galleries, historical societies, heritage sites, and archives to improve operations and increase organisation profile.

MAP is a peer review program managed by Museums Australia (Victoria) since 1993. Staffing is funded by Creative Victoria.

There are two streams for MAP, one for organisations with paid staff and another for organisations that are run by volunteers or that have up to 1 EFT paid staff.

MAP is supported by a large number of Victorian museums and galleries, industry professionals, and volunteers.


The Accreditation Process

To become Accredited, organisations spend up to 3 years developing procedures, policies, and practice to meet recognised industry standards. Training, advice, information, and support is available to assist organisations in meeting these standards. Organisations then put together a formal written application based on a provided MAP questionnaire.

The MAP questionnaires is based on the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries and focuses on three priorities: museum management, collection care, and community engagement.

Once an application has been submitted, a panel of museum and gallery specialists visits the applicant to review operations, documents, and procedures. The peer review panel then makes a recommendation in regards to Accreditation. Applicants are required to address any key recommendation made by the review panel.

Once Accredited, organisations commit to continuing improvement and undergo a Reaccreditation assessment every 5 years.

MAP Requirements

If your museum is managed by volunteers or has up to one full-time worker, it will need to meet the requirements listed in the MAP Workbook to gain Accreditation. This document sets out the benchmarks considered most important and achievable for small museums in Victoria.

To gain Accreditation, larger museums need to meet the MAP Kit standards. The MAP Kit outlines these requirements.

Both the MAP Workbook and MAP Kits are provided to organisations once accepted into the program.

> View the MAP Workbook Checklist (for museums with up to one full-time paid worker)
> View the MAP Kit Checklist (for museums with more than one full-time paid worker)

Benefits of Accreditation

  • Your organisation will meet the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries.
  • A framework to promote your organisation’s achievements to funding bodies, government and other supporters.
  • Access to templates, model documents, information, and support to help meet standards.
  • Constructive and positive feedback from industry peers through a written Accreditation report.
  • Participation in the network of museums and galleries associated with MAP.
  • Certificate of Accreditation signed by and received from the Minister for Creative Industries at the Victorian Museum Awards.
  • Promotional material including a media release, signage, and marketing collateral to highlight Accreditation status.
  • Inclusion onto the online geolocation-enabled map of Victoria’s Accredited Museums.
  • Sector recognition as an organisation working towards and achieving best practice in museum governance, policy development, legal requirements, collection management, and community engagement.
  • A quarterly e-newsletter with tips, sector news, notifications of policy changes and legal requirements.

Joining MAP

The first step to entering the Museum Accreditation Program is to complete an expression of interest form. This is supplied by the MAP Managers after an initial discussion with museum representatives. There is currently a waiting list for joining the program. Please contact the MAP Managers to discuss your interest in the program.

We look for organisations with the capacity and commitment to meet museum standards. There is a high demand for places in MAP and not all expressions of interest are accepted. Priority is given to museums that are most ready to undertake the program.

This PDF lists features of museums ready to undertake the MAP program.

MAP Templates and Guidelines

For more information, please contact:
Amelia Marra, Manager, Museum Accreditation Program, (03) 8341 7341
Simone Ewenson, Manager, Museum Accreditation Program, (03) 8341 7745
Regional freecall: 1800 680 082

MAP is funded by Creative Victoria.