Developing Diverse Audiences

Seminar, Tuesday 22 October 2013, NGV Australia

One of the key challenges for museums is to meet the complex needs and interests of their audiences. This seminar addressed methods to make museums accessible and inclusive, considering new audiences, audiences with disabilities, and audiences from culturally diverse backgrounds.

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Presented in partnership with the Public Galleries Association of Victoria and NETS Victoria.

Thanks to the City of Melbourne and the NGV for their generous support of this project.

Arts Project Australia
Sue Roff, Director

Sue Roff gives an overview of Arts Project Australia and their projects, explaining how they work towards their mission to be a centre of excellence that supports artists with intellectual disabilities, promoting their work and advocating for inclusion within contemporary art practice.


Connections – Art and Dementia Program The Gallery @ BACC
Julie Skate & Elle Credlin, Bayside City Council

Julie and Elle explain how they looked to local council demographics to determine possible new audiences and how they created a successful art and dementia program to broaden their reach to the local community.


Shepparton Art Museum (SAM)
Kirsten Paisley, Director

Kirsten Paisley explains how SAM have broadened their audiences by developing programs to partner with communities from culturally diverse cultural backgrounds.


Developing Diverse Audiences – Ride Exhibition
Maggi Solly & Megan Sheehy, Yarra Ranges Regional Museum

Maggi & Megan explain how their audience demographics are unbalanced when it comes to gender, and how they looked to local stories and local activity within their region to develop an exhibition that targeted many of the motorcyclists who tour the Yarra Ranges each weekend.


Arts Access Victoria
Veronica Pardo, Director

Veronica Pardo gives an overview of Arts Access Victoria and their projects, explaining how they work to realise their vision for people with a disability creating art, experiencing art and working in the arts.


Developing Diverse Audiences – Why & How
Carolyn Meehan & Georgie Meyer, Museum Victoria

Carolyn and Georgie talk about audience statistics at Museum Victoria, and discuss the programs and partnerships that have been developed to increase diversity across many audience groups including young children, young adults, and culturally diverse audiences.


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